Bluemove Carsharing

¡A different way to move around the city!

Through the agreement obtained between Bluemove and Homologation Student Services we can offer you a transport service in the city: new, ecological, efficient and very flexible. The inscription and card are free, all you have to do is pay for the time you use the car.

In this time of crisis when saving money is important for everyone, as much as or even more than energetic efficiency a new company which started up in 2010 with intention of a better alternative. Bluemove is a carsharing company for private users and companies to achieve saving when moving around the city, with no sacrifices in any way. Its mission is to improve movement to be more efficient, less contaminating and reduce the number of private cars.

Users have access to a network of cars which are accessed by a card and completely programed during 24 hours, thanks to this you only pay for what you use. Bluemove looks after everything else, maintenance, parking, petrol and paperwork, allowing their clients to dedicate to what they really want to do: DRIVE.

The petrol you use is included in the price. This is a service with the citizens in mind, making it possible to use a car when you need it and at a reasonable price for the time you used. It is an alternative to a private car and also complementary to the private transport service.

¡Fill in you form and solicitate all the information you need!