Administrative procedures can be complicated and long-lasting


To Apostille documents consists in adding marginal notes on public documents, or prolonging Apostille or add marginal notes will certify the authenticity of the signature of the public documents issued in a signed country to the XII Hague Convention October 5th 1961 to extinguish the demand to Legalize Foreign Documents that have to suffer drafts in other signed countries to the convention.

This way the documents expired in a country signed to the Convention and have been certified by an Apostille should be recognized in any country of the Convention without the need of another type of authenticity

What type of documents can be Apostille?

  • Public documents.
  • Judicial documents: documents originated by an authority or administrative connected to the judicial state, including those of the Public Ministry or one of the secretaries, official or judicial person.
  • Administrative documents.
  • Official documents which have been put onto private documents, such as the certification of a registered document, the certification of a true date and the official certification and notary signatures of private characteristics.


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