A320 Type Course

GTA Global Training & Aviation / 3 months /

Global Training Aviation offers you the best A 320 type rating course!

In order to qualify for the course, all commercial pilots must first present the following documents: Licence (CPL, IR, ME), MCC, Medical Certificate, ATPL Theoretical certificate, certificate of 70 hours of Pilot in Command.

After complying with these requisites the pilot is ready to start the course which consists of the following phases:


Phase 1: Ground Training

  • 40 hours Self Studies CBT (computer based training) and Manuals.
  • Completion of the independent self study is required prior to course start.
  • 68 hours Ground class with instructor.
  • System Review, Limitations, Airbus Philosophy.
  • Procedures, Performance, Flight Planning.
  • Technical Examination.


Phase 2: Simulator Training:

  • A320 Trainer MFTD/VPT + Instructor: 36 hours (9 sessions)
  • Full Flight Simulator (with motion): 32 hours (8 sessions)
  • Full Flight Simulator (with motion) Exam/LST: 04 hours (1 session)


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