Universidad San Pablo CEU / 5 years / 330 ECTS

Starting 2013-2014, San Pablo CEU University will offer the degree in Architecture 100% in English.

Since 2006-2007, the Bilingual Program in Architecture at CEU offers 30% credits in English plus one semester abroad to choose from a list of destinations. 250 students have already passed through our classrooms and workshops (MIT, Syracuse University, Zhejiang University) and enjoyed a semester at Syracuse University (Syracuse, NYC, London, Florence), Aalto University, Bauhaus, Politecnico di Milano, University of Edinburgh, among others.

Nowadays the professional practice of Architecture requires working with multi-disciplinary international teams of architects and engineers in projects developed in geographical and cultural areas very different from ours. In this global context, the education of future architects must be polytechnic, international and multidisciplinary in order to join the professional and academic markets at a competitive level in optimal conditions.

Starting 2013-2014, San Pablo CEU University will offer the degree in Architecture 100% in English, implanted progressively over the next three years. The contents of this degree are identical to those of the Degree in Architecture in Spanish. The Degree also enables for the full exercise of the profession of Architecture in Spain and Europe.

The degree in Architecture 100% in English is structured in 5 courses (300 ECTS) plus Thesis (PFC 30 ECTS). degree in Architecture 100% in English is being evaluated by the National Architecture Accrediting Board to determine its “Substantial Equivalency”, term that evaluates architecture study programs outside the U.S. NAAB is the official U.S. agency that accredits architecture study programs in the U.S.

The degree in Architecture 100% in English is offered to national and foreign students who want an official degree granting professional competence in Spain and in Europe. Students will be free to choose the language of instruction of their courses and will be responsible for their own learning itinerary of 50%, 75% or 100% English. Additionally, students of outstanding academic and personal record who have completed at least 50% of the program in English can apply to study a semester abroad in a top foreign university with which San Pablo CEU University has signed specific exchange agreements. International destinations will be flexible enough to satisfy the demands for a European, American or Asian experience.

International Master
Starting 2013-2014, San Pablo CEU University will offer a MASTER IN URBAN INTERIOR DESIGN: DESIGN OF THE PUBLIC REALM IN CONTEMPORARY CITIESin collaboration with Politecnico di Milano. This new graduate program (60 ECTS credits) is dedicated to developing new perspectives on critical issues in the Contemporary Urban Realm through theory, research, design and practice. It is a challenge to pay attention to the seams between elements in a city, the interstitial spaces: to “mind the gap”, so to speak. Students enjoy two school periods in Madrid and Milan, and internships in international destinations. Prospective students will obtain two degrees, an Official Master Degree of Politecnico di Milano and a Master Degree of San Pablo CEU University.


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