Guglielmo Marconi University / 3 years / 180 ECTS

The Bachelor of Computer Engineering prepares the graduate for developing and using technologies, as well as being able to design, produce and manage data elaboration systems in a wide range of applications. The adopted teaching model ensures that the student is aided in his/her learning stage with access to specifically-developed supporting material and a list of individual and/or group teaching activities guided by the teacher or tutor.

The Bachelor’s Degree is a 3-year program taught in Italian, English or Spanish and offered in an online modality, combining the following different multimedia learning tools:

  • Audio-video lessons (accessible through the web platform in an asynchronous way)
  • Text materials (accessible through the web platform)
  • Self-Assessments: true/false questions, multiple choice, hot-spot image, chart test, role playing, simulations (accessible through the web platform)
  • Written assignments requiring the accomplishment of specific tasks in which students show their Mastery of methodologies, tools and critical autonomy.



At the conclusion of the Bachelor Degree program, graduates will be highly trained in the field of Mathematics and the fundamental disciplines of information and management engineering, such as computer science, electronics and telecommunications. They will have also developed considerable problem solving skills, being able to deal with both innovative and traditional applications by using consolidated technologies. Graduates in Computer Engineering will have the chance to apply their knowledge to different work fields like the design and realization of corporate information systems, the development of multimedia systems, the management and control of production processes and the design of network computing architectures. In addition, it is worth highlighting that, according to many statistics, graduates in Computer Engineering are very attractive for the industrial sector. The following professional activities are included in the course of computer engineer: the design and production of company information systems, the computerizing of public and private agency services through web technology, the development of multimedia and hypermedia systems, the modeling and control of productive processes and complex systems, the development of computer systems based on the project techniques of HW/SW, and the planning of systems based on architectural and network computing.

The main career opportunities foreseen by this degree program are in the following fields: computer industries operating in hardware and software production; industrial automation and robotics; businesses operating in the area of information systems and computer networks; business services; public administration computer services.
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