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CEU – Cardenal Herrera Valencia / 6 años / 300 + 60 ECTS


What makes us different?

1. The international dimension

We offer English and Spanish bilingual training. That way we build your capacity to work in English in Spain or beyond our borders. We are aware that studying some subjects of architecture in English is not easy, so we help you with the following tools:

  • We guarantee personalized attention in Spanish in all subjects, both in tutorials and in examinations.
  • The subjects will be taught in English 100%. Each student can set their own preferences within those percentages, based on their personal needs and goals.
  • We will offer you free additional Spanish lessons to improve your level and to better seize the opportunity to internationalize your profile.
  • We offer you the International Week, a week integrated in the academic calendar in which we host the visit of professors and students from Universities from all over Europe. We work on a common matter and workshops, conferences and architecture contest are proposed, entirely in English.

Since the Spanish architecture is worldwide recognized, the future of an architect also needs to aim beyond our borders. The international approach of this combined itinerary does not only respond to the teaching language, but also to the professional structure and the Anglo-Saxon market?s demand.

2. Internships at Europe’s most important architecture studios

We offer professional internships at the main European architecture studios. In order to offer a truly international professional experience, we currently have more than 50 agreements, and the number grows every year: Aires Mateus and João A. Rocha (Portugal), Müller Sigrist (Switzerland), Cruz and Ortiz and OAB Ferrater (Spain), McCullough-Mulvin (Ireland), Merom Architects (Sweden), Mjølk (Czech Rep.), etc. We can guarantee international internships, if you want to do them.

3. Guest teachers of international prestige and more

To our strong workforce of teachers we must add a significant list of guest professionals. Over the past few years we have hosted guest teachers of such importance as Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, Javier García Solera, Rafael de la Hoz, Ignacio Vicens or João Álvaro Rocha.

Class work is supplemented by other valuable activities:

  • Conferences and Workshops with prominent architects: Eduardo Souto de Moura, Cruz and Ortiz, Aires Mateus, Josep Llinàs, Carme Pinós, Emilio Tuñón…
  • Thematic workshops: Urban Green Infrastructure, Construction-space-light, Modular housing…
  • Cycles and seminars: International Week, Portuguese Architecture Cycle, Architectural Models Seminar, Cinema and Architecture Seminar…
  • Study tours to learn about the architecture of Italy, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Portugal…
  • Involvement of students in projects of architectural innovation at a high level, such as the participation in the two editions of the Solar Decathlon Europe

4. The learning methodology.

We use a unique approach to teach architecture, based on the case method. Through this methodology, students will apply the theoretical knowledge to a real and concrete project in which they will have to analyze, research and make decisions. Hence, they will acquire an inductive learning process, in addition to the traditional system.

The axis of our studies is the integration of subjects, thanks to the transversality of the teaching methodology between the different disciplines, which accelerates the learning process and the maturation of knowledge by the student.

5. Oriented to the new employability of the architect

We believe that the architect is not born, but made. Therefore, at our school we take care of academics and we train how to develop a profession, and thus we prepare our students to face the labour market with greater solvency. Besides the traditional skills of an architect, our Grade provides:

  • Intensification in Rehabilitation, Renovation and Architectural Regeneration: understanding the keys to projecting the regeneration of neighbourhoods and renewing consolidated fabric, carrying out functional and structural intervention techniques on building stock, learning about energy rehabilitation in building envelopes and facilities. Key aspects to work when there is little new construction.
  • We certify your training in Professional Tools: throughout the degree we will teach you the main software used by architects. But not only will you learn how to use them, we will also certify the skills you have acquired: Certificate in Graphic Tools (120 hours: Autocad 2D and 3D, SketchUp, Photoshop, InDesign), Certificate in Technical Tools (80 hours: Tricalc Structures, Cype Installations, Archimedes budgets, Lider+Calener).
  • CEU Accede: a program to teach you the tools to find a job in the labour market of the 21st century.
  • CEU Emprende: to help you become an entrepreneur and learn how to develop your own workspace.
  • CEU Networking: so that the Service of Information, Internships and Employment, along with former students and companies with which we have agreements, may become the first platform to access to your first job at a national or international level.
  • And, of course, bilingual training to work in English in Spain and in the rest of the world.


Architecture is a science and also is an art. Architecture is passion and is vocation. With us, you will learn to:

  • Design and manage the construction or restoration of buildings.
  • Plan the growth of urban areas and their territory.
  • Be sensitive to society’s needs and respond according to the place and the time.
  • Stimulate your creativity and develop it with ongoing practical exercises.
  • Calculate structures and facilities of a building, as well as to design its shape and construction process.
  • Use tools which enable drawing, designing and calculating.
  • Take advantage of the new channels for the employability of the architect.


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