Carlos III University / 4 years / 240 ECTS

As the name implies, the degree in Business Administration at this University is directed towards students who are looking for rigorous high-quality instruction and wish to acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities essential for developing their future careers and for equipping them to compete fully in the different areas of business and of public organisations. This degree has two fundamental characteristics:

1. The academic capacities of the faculty. The academic staff must be fully dedicated to the University, by which we refer both to their teaching responsibilities and also to complementary academic activity at the highest level.

2. International focus. The main principles which underpin the design of this new Degree is the internationalization of the qualification, through both student and teacher exchanges. The whole new structure of the course content together with the new teaching methodology, completely adapted to the European Higher Education Area, are tangible evidence of this goal. Students can verify that the course content is comparable to that of any top European university. Furthermore, teaching methodology has been restructured to facilitate a reduction in class size to a maximum of 40 students, whose efforts are assessed through a process of continuous assessment. What do we achieve through these two features? First and fundamentally that students receive up-to-date training of the highest quality and second, a course which is highly competitive at an international level.
Likewise, these two features facilitate a range of options for the students:

a) The possibility of doing the degree in English within the university itself (Bilingual Groups).

b) A wide range of options which offer the chance to study in an international university, as a result of collaboration agreements with prestigious European and US universities.
Furthermore, the degree in Business Administration aims to provide students with values and problem-solving skills which transcend the purely professional arena.

The current syllabus consists of four years of study, although outstanding students would have the chance to obtain their degree in three years. Each academic year is divided into two semesters. The first two years consist of compulsory subjects which lay the methodological and cognitive foundations within our branch of the Science.

The degree in Business Administration is a clear example of the dedication and efforts of the Carlos III University of Madrid, since its creation, to provide quality public university education. To achieve this goal, the university community who teach and offer their services within the framework of this degree are obliged to undergo a process of regular monitoring, improvement and analysis of the results obtained. This process requires dedication from faculty and students. Without their contribution it would not be possible to achieve the objectives of the degree in Business Administration.


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