ESERP BUSINESS SCHOOL / ESERP Business School / 4 years / 240 ECTS


The ESERP Private Degree in Business Management in Madrid applies, with proven success, a consistent teaching methodology that offers professional master classes, in which the teaching staff – highly-skilled in the subject matter areas they are instructing – present interactive classes grounded in real-world business cases. In this way, the practical aspects of the enterprise are developed, in parallel to an appropriate basis for theoretical-practical knowledge. This results in a solid level of training in each of the areas that work is undertaken.

ESERP is an associate centre of Staffordshire University in the UK. This collaboration provides students of ESERP with the opportunity of obtaining an Official University Degree, valid in United Kingdom, which also has European-wide recognition. For this, the student must take additional modules complementary to the study plan already studied in the private Degree of the Business School.

In addition, the ESERP Private Degree in Business Management in Madrid program is delivered by an exceptional team which provides each student with close monitoring and a personalized service. The Faculty, its Tutors and Study Coordinators – as well as the Research Department, the Career Centre and the General Management – all work consistently for the student. Thus, ESERP ensures that its graduates possess all the personal and professional skills necessary into enter into the world of work.

The ESERP Private Degree in Business Management in Madrid is designed and intended to provide students with: Knowledge necessary for decision-making in the discharge of their job
Assurance in analysis of problems, in their identification and in arriving at solutions

Mastery of management skills

  • Open-mindedness towards the wider socio-economic and cultural environment.
  • Ability to adapt to changes and ongoing technological innovation Familiarity with the latest management techniques and the most advanced technological systems on the market.
  • Ability to work in a team and to possess a flair for knowledge management.
  • A professional network among both senior faculty staff, and the national and international students.
  • Promote diversity among all participating students.
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