Guglielmo Marconi University / 3 years / 180 ECTS


This Bachelor’s Degree is a 3-year program taught in Italian, English or Spanish and offered in an online modality.

Entertainment, in all its aspects, has always been a fundamental ingredient of human existence, at least since people began to organize themselves socially, and perhaps even before. With the globalization of information, entertainment has exploded into one of the world’s major industries.

The ‘old and the new’ co-exist: Aristophanes is still performed as he was in Athens; Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’ is still produced in the old manner; old theatre plays have transformed into films, while Homer’s Iliad has moved from word to text, and then to film. Yet through the technological revolution, the basic spirit has remained.

In recent years, with the spread of higher level education in areas such as media production, and the increasing internationalization of entertainment, there is always more request of studies focusing on the living continuity of entertainment in general. In response to that, Marconi has created the BA in Film and Television Production in order to meet the growing international demand for a comprehensive practical undergraduate qualification that prepares students to enter the world of visual arts. The course has a strong international flavor and encourages students to work across borders.
The BA in Film & TV Production aims to produce graduates capable of operating in a visual arts environment, with the intellectual foundation to adopt a critical approach both to their studies and their future work position. Graduates will become experts in the field, acquiring not only the necessary technical skills, but the understanding of visual and narrative theories. Like all degree Programs at Marconi University, the BA in Film and Television Production is based on a concept called “Outcomes Based Learning”. This breaks up the educational experience into the categories of knowledge and ability, identifying the things a student should know and be able to do upon completion. The course aims to give graduates the knowledge of specific techniques that enable them to operate in a visual arts environment, but also to provide them with the intellectual foundation to adopt a critical approach.
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