Universidad Europea Madrid / 6 years / 360 ECTS

At the School of Architecture at Universidad Europea we train architects so that they are equipped to meet the demands of both society and the job market, through the transversal inclusion into the curriculum of the principles and knowledge relating to sustainability and the environment in addition to accessibility, the international perspective, communication skills (in both Spanish and English), business management and the efficient use of new technologies.

The Concurrent Bachelor’s Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture + Master’s Degree is a European degree that qualifies you to work professionally as an Architect throughout the European Union offering a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary training in all the fields that architecture encompasses: projects design, urban planning, sustainability, management, technical training, graphic training, communication skills, historycritique and professional practice.

This training offered is applied by following the European workshop, hands-on learning model in which the students develop projects that are supervised by professors with different profiles on a holistic basis, solving case studies that are not regional but in fact global.

A key point is the International perspective as the student can choose to study every course in English, everything in Spanish or decide to study some courses in Spanish and others in English, for both the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree.

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