University of Leon / 4 years / 240 ECTS

Employment opportunities:
Thanks to the breadth and quality of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired during their academic education, Geomatic and Topographic Engineers are among the most versatile, generalist and prestigious technical experts in ,the labour market today, with the capacity to adapt to different professional demands.

Geomatic and Topographic Engineers have a wide range of employment possibilities:
• In surveying and mapping projects.
• In management and execution of cadastral, topographic and population surveys.
• In subdivision of plots, mapping property boundaries and measurements.
• In analytical studies of lay-out.
• In geometric control of structures.
• In photogrammetric surveys.
• In geometric standardisation of sports facilities.
• In Geographic Information Systems.

In public administration:
• Planning, execution, monitoring and calculation of geodetic and topographic points, using conventional or GPS systems.
• Basic and thematic mapping of counties and municipalities using Photogrammetry systems.
• Analytical survey, calculation and lay-out of new urban areas.
• Terrestrial photogrammetry for restoration and conservation of monuments.
• Certification of surfaces, properties and plots for registration in the Registry.

In the private sector:
• Feasibility studies and lay-out of roads, power lines and fluids.
• Geometric management, supervision and lay-out of infrastructures
• Auscultation and monitoring of deformation in large structures.
• Measurements, certification, surveying and lay-outs of all types.

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