Universidad San Pablo CEU


CEU Cardenal Herrera University / 1 year / 60 ECTS

The nature of the MBA course allows students to build up knowledge and experiences of Business Management. Students will do this through undergoing high quality practical training which will help give students better professional opportunities and promote the development of analytical and decision-making skills needed in the field of Business Management.

Experienced Teachers

All of our teachers are professionals, whose connection with the school and students is vocational, and whose priority is to share their experiences with students and enrich their learning. Teachers are always thinking about how to make the course the best it can be which is why they are always looking for opportunities to improve the course.


Efficiency means understanding management tools and knowing where to apply them, as well as developing a strong hierarchy of values.

Spanish Classes

Students will benefit from having 75 hours of Spanish teaching, which will allow them to improve or perfect their Spanish. The lessons will be related to language needed for business management and will open up students to more work opportunities in Spain and Latin America after the course.

Our MBA is aimed at non-Spanish graduates of any discipline who want to point their career in the direction of Business Management and who wish to join European companies who operate on an international level.



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