Universidad San Pablo CEU


CEU Cardenal Herrera University / 5 years / 300 ECTS


The Pharmacy degree we offer at CEU-UCH is focused on care management in all areas of pharmacy (in pharmacies, hospitals etc.). There are two key things that make our degree different:

  • Our course has been structured and developed so that all subjects have a focus on patient care.


  • The Pharmacy Practice Classroom is an idea that has been pioneered in Spain and is a classroom that replicates a real Pharmacy. It is an area designed so that students can practice interacting with real patients and learn how to manage different medications. Students will work in this room from the first year.


You will learn how to be involved in patient care and how to improve the quality of life of patients, through collaborating with other health professionals. To do this, you will acquire new “attitudes, behaviours, commitments, concerns, ethical values, roles, skills, responsibilities and abilities” to improve the health of patients, as established by WHO (World Health Organisation) in 1993.

You will have the possibility to do, alongside your degree, a free qualification in Pharmacy Management and Marketing, that will complement your degree and improve your employability. You will improve your skills in financial and strategy management, stock management and your knowledge of marketing tools that can be applied in the pharmacy.

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