Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ´s (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.In which countries will my degree be valid? What accreditation does the University have?

The Degree will be recognized worldwide and can be legalized to be able to work out of Europe, once you meet the legal requirements that the country you are willing to practice requires.

All of our university degrees are accredited by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) that belongs to the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). In addition, Health Sciences faculties follow the 36/2005/EC European Directive on professional qualifications of the European Parliament.

2.Are all the courses taught in English?

Only some Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses are 100% taught in English, but all Degrees and Postgraduate courses offer by our partner Universities are official and accredited.

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3.Do I need a student visa to study in Spain?

If you are a European citizen then you don’t need a student visa to study in Spain.

In case you are a non European citizen our HSS Legal Department can help you to prepare your student visa application and residence permit .

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5.When should I arrive in Spain?

Normally the start date of the Degrees is at the end of September around the 20th of September. Our advice it’s to arrive one week before the lectures start so you get use to the place.

6.What should I bring with me?

Nothing really specific… maybe a power convertor for electric equipment.

7.Will I need to purchase text books?

You don’t need to purchase books for all the subjects; you can find all the study material in the lecture material and in the Library of the University

8.What other expenses will I incur?

All the possible expenses will be noticed by the University with prior advance

Regarding the normal living cost the bills will be normally associated to:

– Accommodation
– Bills (electricity, water, internet, phone)
– Food
– Social activities (movies, go for a drink, music concert…)

9.Is student funding and finance available to students?

The financial aid is available for student’s mainly European students, it will be easier for them to obtain financial aid, but they will have to submit to the bank some tax papers.

10.Are Spanish courses available at the university?

Some of our partner Universities offers Spanish courses as something extra for students but not enough in order to start from a survival level.

This is way we work with one of the most centric and prestigious Spanish School in Madrid, Inhispania, where our students can really develop their Spanish skills in the center of Madrid.

11. What types of accommodation are available?

– Accommodation in the University Campus (residence)

– Outside the Campus (flat, studio, private room in shared apartment, student residence out of the campus)

We offer all the accommodation types, what are you lookin for?


Any questions you may have do not hesitate to consult us, we remain at your disposal.


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