EIP International School for Protocol: “We prepare our students to make them a way in the labor market”

EIP, International School for Protocol, has being a benchmark in Spain for Protocol formation and Event Management. The EIP network, with centers located in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Asturias, Coruña, Honduras and Paraguay, has become the first worldwide center specialized in Protocol Formation, International Relations and Event Management.

More than 20.000 students have studied in this school, and 60% of them occupy manager positions in protocol departments. This percentage is really important because it shows the growth in this sector, the profesional leverage, the great laboral and institutional demand for the promising future.

This school is more than just a center for formation, it has always worried for combining the teaching role with investigation, to upgrade and provide specific knowlegde with the final objective of making their students reknown professionals and making them a way in the labor market.

EIP offers:

  • Investigation Center
  • Data Center
  • Publishing services
  • Specialized Library
  • Advisory service for Private and Public Institutions.
  • Specialized media in Protocol and the Events sector.

EIP is also the organizer of the main events of International Protocol:

  • Congress of International Protocol
  • International Protocol Award


The disciplines related to protocol as comunicative element: Marketing, International Relations, Advertizing, Public Relations, Tourism, Comunication and Personal Image, besides the concern for internationalization, are aspects that EIP considers important to teach.


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