Key Points to choose the correct University

Here we offer you 10 tips that can help you choose the appropriate University. To obtain as much information as possible about the University will be very useful since selecting a good University that suits your needs is not an easy task and the final decision will determine your future.

In a small University, not more than 10,000 students, the student is likely to have a more personal interaction with teachers, you get to learn more about your generation, and you get to develop relationships with other university students, smaller classes and small laboratory groups. Whereas, in a large University, of more than 10,000 students, you will be more independent, you have the opportunity to meet more people and possibly a more diverse environment, large groups and possibly larger facilities.

Some Universities or Institutions are specialized in certain areas of knowledge such as Social Sciences, Communication Sciences, Sport Sciences, Human Sciences, Health & Biomedical Sciences, Engineering or Architecture among others; You must think if you already have in mind any specific area, the academic offer is very wide, so take your time to look at the study plan of each Area.

Investigate what kind of education the University promotes, if it has an active method, projects, work groups and presentations, or if they focus on a reading and learning classroom method. Find out how they have incorporated new technologies to learning methods and which method you think is best for you. In addition, there are universities that provide flexible class times, intensive weekend classes to help you to adapt your personal and working life with University.

It is good to take into account the teaching´s staff, experience, qualifications, and if they exercised in their field and how this can reflect on their teaching. After all, you can choose who will impart knowledge; you just have to do some research. A good teacher is essential to like the Degree you have chosen.

The university must have the necessary facilities so you can perform your activities appropriately: sports facilities, laboratories, library, study areas, catering services, computer centers, or whatever you need.

An important point to consider is where you are going to live, does the university have accommodation?, are there any nearby accommodation possible? Is it a large or small city? You should consider this, whether you are going to stay within University Campus, and if not, remember to check transportation from where you are planning to live.

Many universities have international exchanges through its own programs that will give the possibility of doing part of your studies abroad. Sometimes these exchanges give the possibility of a double Diploma at the end of the Degree, offering you greater potential in your professional future. If there is any country or city you have always wanted to visit, consult your University exchange programmes.

What activities do you like to do? There are universities, which can provide loans or scholarships depending on the sport that you practice. If you are good at any sport, you may be wondering if the University participates in tournaments or competitions, in which you can compete. Sport is a great complement to University studies.

Remember that studying is not everything, an important part of your life experience outside the University, will depend on your interests and hobbies. You can take into account the city nightlife, tourist sites, nearby places to travel to, museums, beaches or anything else that interests you. Learning and trying new things is one of the most valuable lessons you will learn.

We hope these points help you to make the right decision in order to have a great experience during your time at University.

Also we will always be at your disposal to help and advise you in every possible way.  Remember:  You Study. We Serve