Universidad Francisco de Vitoria: “We encourage excellence in the formation of our students”

“The decisions that you make today will define your future”, shares Daniel Sada, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria´s rector. For this reason, UFV offers, throughout it´s vast range of degrees, all that you need so you can become the “protagonist of your life”. This can be summarized in six main points that will help you in the decision of studying in this university.

  1. Demanding: Teachers and their role have great importance in the student´s learning experience. In this university most of the teachers are professionally active, giving you a greater opportunity to find open doors to your future working live. The teacher´s support and mentories, specially in first year, are a distictive aspect of UFV.
  2. Practical: Practial clases are offered and group dynamics as well, virtual classroom and equipped facilities that you can use to practice what you´ve learned: television studios, radio studios, dissection rooms for Medicine, ossuary, biotechnology labs, debates´room, computing and dif¡gital labs…
  3. Integral: They offer subjetcs of human formation applied to the different degrees. They also offer lidership seminaries and workshops to potentiate your habilities, encourage your critical thinking and stablish a concern for Social Resposability.
  4. International: English courses are included in all the degrees and there is also a Lenguage Center that offers french, German and italian courses for those who are interested. There is a vast offer for studies abroad thanks to the international conventions with universities in Europe, Asia and America.
  5. Career opportunities: UFV has agreements with more than 1.700 companies in which the students have a greater chance to fiind a job after finishing their studies. Thanks to the compulsory internships during the career, the 80% of the students find their firts job offer.
  6. Exciting: The years of college are, with no doubt, a great part of your life, therefore UFV offers you: students societies, conferences for different degrees and equipped facilities for practicing sports.

En Homologation Student Services te recomendamos que tengas está universidad en tu radar. ¡No te pierdas el vídeo promocional de la UFV!

In Homologation Student Services we recommend you to have this university under your radar. Watch UFV´s promotional video!



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