Universidad de León: “Internationalization is a crosscutting element for the University”

Univerity of León is a public university that offers Oficial Degrees, aproved by the Spain´s Ministry of Education, valid in all the European Space of Higher Education. Besides, it offers specific degrees that may complete your inicial university education.

The two existing campuses, in the cities of Leon and Pontferrada, receive more than 14.000 students that complete their education in the classroom-learning way, nevertheless, an advantage of this university is the virtual campus. This modality alows you, thanks to modern techinal requirements, to study from any place, no matter where you are.

Other attractive point that Universidad de León has is the interest in the internationalization. This issue is a crosscutting element in the University´s activity; for this reason, in cooperation with the Universities of Burgos and Valladolid, promotes the International Excelence´s Campus, CEI Tringular -under the slogan “The Man´s horizon”. The objective is to achieve a greater importance and visibility of the ULE in the international arena. To make this happen, the ambitious plan promotes new international conventions, supports the mobility, encourage the linguistic capasity of the University´s comunity, and promotes actions with other institutions of international prestige.

As a student it may interest you to know that the teachers are highly motivated and interested in helping you all along your studies. The teachers of the different degrees are accredited with a PhD and are specialists in their areas of knowledge.