Berlín, Alemania

The IUBH School of Business and Management, located in Bad Honnef, Bad Reichenhall and Berlin, is the centre of competence for Business Administration and Service Management. It stands for well-founded, sound scientific study and focuses particularly on promoting the work ethic and service mentality of the students.

he IUBH School of Business and Management is one of Germany’s leading private universities. We prepare students for international careers in service management at three campuses: Bad Honnef, Bad Reichenhall and Berlin.

The profile requirements of internationally employed managers have changed dramatically in recent years. The IUBH School of Business and Management has recognised this development as reflected in the future-oriented training it offers to interested young people as the first private, state-recognised university operating exclusively in the service sector.

With our attractive Bachelor and Master’s degree courses we want to set new standards for the new generation of management. Our programmes are characterised by the effective transfer of subject-specific knowledge and soft skills in order to prepare our graduates for challenging management task.

The quality of teaching is confirmed by the various seals of quality and accreditations: The IUBH is accredited by the Foundation of International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) and received for five of its study programmes – above and beyond the “normal” accreditation – as the first university in Germany to be awarded five golden FIBAA premium seals so far. In 2012 the IUBH also received the seal of quality from the Hanseatic Certification Agency which certified IUBH study programmes as a way to obtain vocational education and training.

Our programmes focus on management. At the bachelor level we offer Aviation, Event, International, Hospitality, as well as Tourism Management and Marketing Management. At the master level we provide International Management with various specialisations, Transport & Logistics Management as well as a MBA in International Business.



A degree programme at the IUBH gives you connections. A strong global network of partner universities helps you to establish lasting contacts, achieve long-term goals and realise ideas.