Munich, Germany


Globe Business College Munich Globe Business College Munich was founded in 2006 to meet the needs of a specific group of students. These are the sons and daughters of parents who run successful family companies (Mittelstand), individuals who want to use their third level education to develop their own companies or those who wish to work in an international business environment upon graduation.


• Our educational concept combines the Irish and German approaches to business education in a bespoke, relationship model that is centred on the individual student.

• The college is capped at 120 students in total to guarantee the individual approach.

• The emphasis is on creating a growth mind-set in our students with skill and competence development as well as the academic side.

• Guaranteed job placements and internships happen through our parent swap scheme where parents swap their sons and daughters into each other companies.

• Assessments and exams centre on the companies in our network, ensuring students’ education is fully contextualised.

• 80% of the parents of our students own successful companies and these feed into our concept through mentoring programmes.

• Our students tap into a close relationship-based network that is there to support them and open doors.

• That network is in both Ireland and Germany, which facilitates students with job opportunities in companies like Google and Facebook (who have their European headquarters in Ireland) or with Mittelstand companies in Germany and further afield.

• Students are hand-picked for maximum diversity and to ensure they learn from each other.

• Not just the academic concept is relationship based but also the admissions process, with student recruitment happening through invitation only workshops and referrals through our network.

You will learn everyday in a class that is perfectly diverse and experience the challenges and opportunities involved in working in a global environment.



• We are celebrating our 10th anniversary in Munich this year so we have an established track record.

• Our Bachelor programme is fully accredited by the Irish government and Globe has state acceptance in Germany to deliver this Irish degree. Our degree is on the Anabin database so is fully recognised in Germany.

• We have alumni studying all over the world at Master level in top universities.

• We teach completely in English but are embedded in the German context.

• Through our network of university partners, students can undertake study-abroad semesters or transfer for the last year of studies.


Watch more about what make Globe College unique by clicking on the video below: