Universidad Europea Madrid

Madrid, Spain

The Universidad Europea de Madrid offers you an integral experience that will change you into a complete professional, prepared for the world of work at international level. The University centres its strength on the educational model based on the competitive development of each student, managerial abilities and communication together with an international focus.

The formation of leaders and professionals prepared in an efficient way to correspond to the needs of a global world, give value to their professions and contribute to social progress, an enterprising spirit and an integrate moral attitude. Academic superiority in the European Space of Higher Education, integral University formation, social responsibility and a succession of knowledge. The perfect combination.

Not only do we form the best professionals, but also a committed citizen with the challenge of the XXI century. Among these challenges the Universidad Europea de Madrid stands out for its active commitment of its student and professors in the international programmes which are concerned and cooperate with environment care. Likewise, leading the forming construction of the European Space of Higher Education, situating itself at the vanguard of implanting new Degrees and expanding the range of Postgraduates which it offers.

These through their master programmes and doctorates, respond to the demands of the working world which demands high level specialization. We are convinced that theoretical knowledge alone comes into real value when put into practise with accomplishment. That is why the Universidad Europea de Madrid has the most appropriate facilities and resources for each Degree, together with an extensive offer of professional experience in more than 4.000 first level centres.


The Universidad Europea de Madrid belongs to the Laureate International Universities network, leader in the Higher Education market, it offers its 850.000 pupils an extensive range of Degrees and Postgraduates, through its 80 institutions in 30 countries covering North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Thanks to the Laureate coverage, the Universidad Europea de Madrid establishes exchange programmes and collaborates with other educational centres of international prestige, which facilities the entrance and exit of students and professors allowing them to enrich the international character of our University.

Moreover, the bonds it maintains whit prestigious Universities worldwide, permits students from different countries and cultures to learn and share classes. All this contributes experience which allows students to evolve with greater success within the professional world in a global atmosphere.