10 benefits of studying abroad

10 benefits of studying abroad

The idea of ​​leaving your city and your home to study abroad is overwhelming ... we know about it. But we also know that it is a great opportunity for your personal and professional development. The world is increasingly globalized and it does´t matter what you are going to do professionally, surely you´ll have international contact. Studying outside opens more doors, that's why we want to give you a boost by telling you about 10 benefits of being an international student.

Getting to know the world

Your city always looked huge until you left. Knowing different places changes your perspective, encourages you to set new goals and makes you stop worrying about small problems that you used to see very complicated.

Academic education

Sometimes the place where you are going to study has a different system than the one you were used to, and forces you to adapt your way of studying. Take it as a training for your future laboral life.

Understanding different cultures

The world has an immense variety of cultures and this is great! You will discover that what was once unknown to you can make a lot of sense and that what you learn in books is not the same as what you learn through experience.

Language experience

Nowadays, the world demands you to know more than one language and there is nothing better than practicing in an environment where people speak it in a native way.

Laboral opportunities

Meeting new people opens doors for you. According to the consulting specialist and author Gary Burninson, having contacts makes the difference when they hire you in a job. Meet people who can become important collaborators. Increase your networking.

Finding new interests


You can not say that you do not like something until you try it. Visiting new places opens the possibility to do activities that you did not know and that can end in new passions.

Lifelong friends

Needless to say, you may find in your next destination people who will occupy an important spot in your life. There is nothing better than knowing that you have friends all over the world willing to open your door at any time.

Personal developement

Living alone forces you to learn things like: cooking, paying rent / electricity / gas, keeping your house in order, establishing your own schedules, etc. Living at home is comfortable, but it is not the same as being independent once and for all and taking charge of your life.

Experience for new degree´s

Universities look for people who are not afraid of facing new challenges. By studying in a new environment you also show that you care about your education and your future.

An experience you´ll never fotget

It's what happens with adventures, leaving your land to conquer something new marks a before and after in your life.

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