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Universidad Cardenal Herrera
Universidad Cardenal Herrera
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One to one personalized tutoring in the practical subjects of projects


  • What is ArchiTRIPture

It is the trip as a methodology to learn or what we call "learning by traveling". A disruptive methodology based on travel as a learning tool, that's why your most important book will be your passport. Traveling opens our minds and pushes us to live experiences that change our way of understanding the world and even the course of our lives.

  • A world in an Architecture School

Because in our School of architecture, students from more than 30 countries share a classroom. That is why the degree is taught in English. And in practical project sessions you can choose to work in English or Spanish because they are personalized one-on-one teacher-student sessions. A different school in which different things happen. So if you are thinking of studying architecture as always, better stop reading right now.

But if you keep reading, you are interested in knowing that in our School you will find: 

  • Small groups: 25 students to receive personalized training.
  • Multicultural Class, students from countries such as Sweden, Germany, Ukraine, Canada, Norway, Kuwait, etc., live in each classroom. You will be here, but the atmosphere will be as if you were in an English or American university.
  • One to one personalized tutoring in the practical subjects of projects.
  • Training experiences beyond the classrooms, so you can complement your training with workshops and visits by international architects.
  • International internships, so you can acquire the necessary professional experience. They are practices in the best studies and national and international firms. Studies as Aires Mateus and Joao A. Rocha (Portugal), Müller Sigrist (Switzerland), Cruz and Ortiz and OAB Ferrater (Spain), McCullough-Mulvin (Ireland), Merom Architects (Sweden), Mjölk (Czech Republic), etc.

Pre-professional internships in the best studios and national and international firms: Aires Mateus, Müller Sigrist (Switzerland), Cruz y Ortiz and OAB Ferrater (Spain), McCullough-Mulvin (Ireland), Merom Architects (Sweden), Mjölk (Rep. Czech), etc.

  • An architecture based on the 3Ps.

Our approach to architecture is based on the architectural philosophy of the 3 Ps:

  • Prosperity: an architecture conceived as an engine of progress and improvement of urban and personal living conditions. An architecture that is interpreted as a generator of a modern economy.
  • People: an architecture thought and created from people and for people. The focus on the human factor as a mechanism that creates forms and spaces.
  • Planet: an architecture that generates sustainable spaces and that improve the future of the planet
Siempre que se puede es mejor desnudar un edificio. Pero no siempre es posible.

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