Bachelor of Achitecture

Bachelor of Achitecture

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UIC Barcelona
UIC Barcelona
Types of study:
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On Campus
240 ECTS
5 Years
European student
Non European student
International approach and teaching in English

Reasons to study this degree

  • Personalised attention. Individualised attention is paid to our students. The ratio is a maximum of 20 students per lecturer
  • Job offers. We have a list of national and international job offers. This allows students to have access to a job in any city in the world, involving professional pathways into publishing houses, public administration, office work, promotion, consultancy, industry...
  • International approach and teaching in English. At the end of their studies our students know how to defend their projects in English and communicate with the adequate terminology and vocabulary related to their discipline. For this reason, many subjects are taught in English from the 1st academic year and we also include English for Architecture as a subject in our degree programme
  • Advice and coaching. Each student is assigned an academic advisor and a professional coach
  • Working transversally and on different levels. A small university like ours allows subjects to be taught in a crosscutting or transversal way and they all interact with each other. Students also learn to work on various different levels, from the territorial to that of construction, within the same project
  • Vertical Workshop. An intensive project Workshop involving teams of students from second through to fifth year
  • Architecture placed at the service of society. UIC Barcelona School of Architecture is the only school of architecture in Spain which teaches compulsory subjects on cooperation, sustainability and accessibility
  • Advanced technology. We carry out a workshop on how to make scale models and digital architecture which is pioneering in Spain, we provide students with a laser cutting machine, a computer numerical control machine and a rapid prototyping tool (3D Z Printer) in order to make volumetric scale models
  • Chairs: links to companies in this sector. We innovate by awarding various chair positions and by carrying out research projects sponsored by prestigious companies such as Ascer, Capital Reig, Uralita, Saloni Ceràmica, Hispalyt, Fundación Adecco, and Valentine
Whenever you can, it's better to undress a building. But it's not always possible.

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