Bachelor of Archaeology

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Canterbury University
Canterbury University
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You can study French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish as part of, or alongside, your course.


Archaeology is the study of over 3 million years of the human past through its physical remains. The course integrates wide-ranging practical and academic approaches, drawing on skills from the natural sciences and the humanities. It is a popular choice as a single honours degree or in combination with another subject such as history, forensic investigation or geography.

You will explore areas themes including:

  • Field and laboratory techniques
  • Material culture studies including skeletal remains and artefacts
  • Archaeology of the prehistoric, Roman Classical, and medieval worlds
  • Computing and data analysis
  • Debates in heritage studies

This course is also available with a Foundation Year.

The archaeology degree course is designed to provide broad overviews of the human past from early prehistory through to the Renaissance, along with training in key archaeological methods, in the first year of study. These introductory modules equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue more specialised training and in­ depth study of the human past in subsequent years of the course.

Specialist facilities

Some of our modules are partially taught in computer labs where we have access to a range of specialist software and digital services, including ArcGIS and Digimap. You also have the opportunity to handle archaeological artefacts and skeletal remains, use surveying equipment, and to undertake some experimental archaeology.

What can I do next?

A degree in archaeology provides training in creative and critical thinking, analysis of complex datasets, and research and communication. The study and practice of archaeology also rely on excellent teamwork, project management, and problem­solving skills.

Canterbury Christ Church University archaeology graduates have successfully gained employment in a range of professions, including employment with Historic England, the National Trust, local government, commercial archaeological units, and museums. 

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