Can´t Miss Vegan Restaurants in Madrid

Can´t Miss Vegan Restaurants in Madrid

Article by CityLife Madrid

Spain is a country where ham is basically its own food group, so eating vegan in Madrid can appear challenging. But never fear, because in the city with over 6,000 restaurants, there are plenty of vegan ones in Madrid to choose from. If you’re a vegetarian who has stumbled upon this article, check out our other article on eating vegetarian in Madrid here. Keep reading to find our favorite places!


Masa Madre Vegan Food (€)

This restaurant in Chueca has 100% animal and palm oil free vegan food. This restaurant offers food to go, as well as catering. According to “Time Out Madrid: Restaurant Guide,” this restaurant is great for those who have an intolerance to certain foods or have food allergies. With an expense rating of only “€,” this restaurant is fairly cheap and will fit most budgets. To read more about this restaurant, check out their menu, and see reviews, click here for their Facebook page. (Metro: Chueca)


Pura Vida Vegan Bar (€)

This vegan bar in La Latina uses fresh ingredients in all of their dishes, and all dishes are cruelty free. On their website, their business mantra states that they are a safe, free, and respectful place, overflowing with love. Find all vegan tapas, burgers, and specialty pizzas at this restaurant. If you check out their menu, you’ll find that some of their items have the name of certain animal sanctuaries or organizations that help protect animals. If you buy one of these items then one 1€ will be donated directly to those companies. Check out their menu and hours here. (Metro: La Latina)


Distrito Vegano (€€)

This restaurant in Lavapies creates a traditional Spanish taste, while using only cruelty free vegan products. Something neat about this restaurant is that they also have a variety of vegan art displayed across the restaurant that changes every month. Come back in a month from now, and the restaurant’s decor may look completely different. This is one of the more expensive vegan restaurants in Madrid, but it’s still worthwhile. Check out their menu here. (Metro: Lavapies)


Yanten Veggie Bar (€€)

With 4.9/5 stars on Facebook, this restaurant in Chamberi is not to be missed! Here you will find homemade food made with 100% vegetables. A perfect restaurant for any vegan, due to the many options, including gluten free. Try completely vegan croquetas, empanadas, and sorbets. Check out their Facebook page here. (Metro: Quevedo)


La Oveja Negra (€)

This tavern found in Lavapies offers only vegan options, as well as several gluten free options. A few of their specials include spinach rolls, hummus and dried tomato, nachos and guacamole, and various veggie burgers. Check out their Facebook page here. (Metro: Lavapies)


Bunny’s Deli (€€)

Madrid’s first 100% vegan and organic deli, you can eat, cater, and learn to cook! All food made at this restaurant is 100% vegan and organic, and there are also some gluten free options as well. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, smoothies, and desserts are severed here. To check out their menu or see what they’re doing in the news, click here. (Metro: Chueca)


Superchulo (€€)

This vegetarian and vegan restaurant offers traditional healthy food in the heart of the Madrid. Located in Malasaña, Superchulo offers a vast menu with colorful dishes and natural cocktails.  They have everything from avocado toast to pizzas to vegan hamburgers. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and after-work drinks in their Caverna. The entire menu is available here. (Metro: Bilbao)


B13 Bar (€)

Located near the center of Madrid, this 100% vegan place has basically everything. Whether you’re looking for lunch, dinner, a snack, or a drink, you can enjoy everything at a reasonable price. They even have customized cakes! Stop in and eat, order for take away, or have it delivered, B13 is flexible. Check them out here. (Metro: Callao)


Pizzi and Dixie (€€)

Are you looking for a vegan Italian place? Look no further because Pizzi and Dixie has the pizza and pasta you crave, including pizza with activated charcoal dough. You can also enjoy a cocktail with your meal. Check out their menu and make a reservation here. (Metro: Tribunal)


Hakuna Matata Veggies (€€)

Located in the Tetúan, this restaurant has gourmet and homemade vegan dishes to enjoy in an intimate setting. All the food is animal cruelty free and is made with love and justice. To reserve a table or check out the menu, click here. (Metro: Francos Rodríguez)


La Hummuseria (€)

Don’t be fooled by the name–La Hummuseria serves more than just hummus!  If you’re looking for vegetarian and vegan middle eastern cuisine, this is it. This place makes several batches of hummus a day from fresh ingredients, so you can rest assured it is of the highest quality. If you also like falafel, you can check out the other restaurant, Falafeleria. Click here for more information on both. (Metro: Chueca)

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