Tic toc – tic toc… Time to know what to study

Tic toc – tic toc… Time to know what to study

Think about this, you´re in school with your friends and the next day you´re looking for universities! Do you already know what will you study? If the answer is no, don’t worry… Sip a glass of your favorite refresher and read the following advice.

Be proactive

If you want to know what to study don’t let time run away, the decision won´t get easier by not facing it and the answer won´t come by itself. You must get involved, investigate, and contrast the options. Visit different universities, meet with counselors, talk to other college students and professionals of the area that you´re interested about. We recommend you to visit our web Homologation Student Services where you´ll find many options. 

Think about what you want to become, not what you want to study

A very helpful thing is to ask, “how do you see yourself in 10 years from now”. Think about what you like to do now, what are you good at, and what you enjoy doing, this is a deal breaker. At the end, your studies are a tool so you can acquire the skills for your future job.

Payment is not the most important thing

We know that it is indeed an important factor to take in consideration. Nevertheless, you cannot focus just in that, it may happen that you end hating your career and leaving it. If you´re passionate about something you´ll make it work.

It is YOUR decision

Don´t let others tell you what to do. Take in consideration your parent´s and friend´s advice but let it be you who chooses what you´ll do in life.

Don´t wait for classes to start

If something gets your attention, you´ll like to know more about it. Learning on your own about a topic will help you see if it is something that you´ll like to do fulltime in the future.

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