Bachelor in Aerospace and Aircraft Engineering

Bachelor in Aerospace and Aircraft Engineering

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Universidad Europea de Madrid
Universidad Europea de Madrid
Villaviciosa de Odón
Types of study:
Knowledge area:
Engineering Area
On Campus
Spanish, English
240 ECTS
4 Years
European student
Non European student
Learn with real projects in the business world

We have innovative facilities such as a Wind Tunnel and the new Space Industry 4.0 to simulate experiments and projects in a professional environment such as the one you will find in your future. Professional environments for training at the highest level.

Universidad Europea has its own Wind Tunnel, in which students are able to carry out research with the most innovative companies in the field. By carrying out practical tests using the Wind Tunnel, measuring wind speed and wind force, and to visualising air flow lines, researchers are able to better understand the effect of the wind on objects

These objects include models of aeroplane or aeoplane parts, cars, buildings, bridges, and any object exposed to the force of the wind; you can also test the efficiency of wind turbines, which can be produced in our FabLab, a space dedicated to 3D printing. We would like to inform you of the facilities’ technical specifications and invite you to visit and see for yourself as well as test the Wind Tunnel's two speeds, a high speed of 40 m/s and a lower speed of 10 m/s with square sections of 90 cm by 180 cm respectively. Dynamometers for measuring force, There are Multi-Pitot Tube Scanivalve pressure scanners and temperature measurement tools, hot wire Anemometers, smoke equipment for streamline visualisation and computers managing the 36 Kw wind tunnel motor. Other equipment for data acquisition from dynamometers include photo and video cameras to record the test results.

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