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We handle the bureaucratic paperwork so that you can have legal access to the Spanish University System

You are a European student:


We help you with all the paperwork in a personalized way and we deliver it to the University on your behalf

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You are a non European student:


We offer you all the assessment and administrative help so this procedure can be simple for you.

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Equivalence of studies:


With this document you will know the note you would have in the Spanish University System.

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We are a service company for students from all around the world. Our team has firsthand experience with what studying abroad is all about, and we know the difficulties. We have a Partner Universities Network which allows us to provide you free consultancy on the entire academic offer available.

We help you to be able to enroll in a prestigious International University, quickly and easily.

In addition, we offer you additional services, so you will only have to worry about this new experience.

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Traveling to discover, is something really profitable and cultural

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Tu carta de bienvenida
24 SEP

Tu carta de bienvenida

Bienvenido a España y a la vida universitaria. En el equipo Homologation Student Services estaremos siempre disponible para ayudarte con tus trámites legales y cualquier duda que puedas tener. Lee esta carta que hemos preparado para tu llegada. 
¿Por qué estudiar en España?
02 SEP

¿Por qué estudiar en España?

20 universidades españolas entre las mejores 50 del mundo; gasto promedio para un estudiante menor de 1000€ mensuales, con todos los gastos incluidos; ciudades tranquilas; 45 lugares considerados patrimonio cultural y deliciosa comida. ¿Qué más quieres que te digamos? Ven a España a estudiar. ¡Te esperamos!
The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page

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