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We handle the bureaucratic paperwork so that you can have legal access to the Spanish University System

You are a European student:


We help you with all the paperwork in a personalized way and we deliver it to the University on your behalf

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We offer you all the assessment and administrative help so this procedure can be simple for you.

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With this document you will know the note you would have in the Spanish University System.

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We are a service company for students from all around the world. Our team has firsthand experience with what studying abroad is all about, and we know the difficulties. We have a Partner Universities Network which allows us to provide you free consultancy on the entire academic offer available.

We help you to be able to enroll in a prestigious International University, quickly and easily.

In addition, we offer you additional services, so you will only have to worry about this new experience.

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Traveling to discover, is something really profitable and cultural

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Keep yourself current with the latest master’s courses, the best Universities and all that Hostudents can offer you, so that you can become who you want to be.

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Compagina tus estudios y las prácticas
18 OCT

Compagina tus estudios y las prácticas

Balancear tus estudios con trabajo y vida personal no es tan difícil cuando sabes organizarte bien. La vida real comienza y puede abrumarnos en un principio, sin embargo, ¡no te rindas! Estás ya en el camino para ser la persona que siempre quisiste ser.

5 actividades para un fin de semana diferente en Madrid
11 OCT

5 actividades para un fin de semana diferente en Madrid

Madrid es una ciudad con un sinfín de actividades para hacer y lugares para conocer… Y lo mejor de todo, ¡muchas de estas opciones son gratis! Esto nos viene genial para nuestro presupuesto de estudiante. Salir de fiesta y beber un par de cervezas en tu bar de siempre está muy bien, sin embargo, queremos darle un giro a tus planes con 5 cosas que puedes hacer este fin de semana.

How to survive your first days of independence?
04 OCT

How to survive your first days of independence?

Your college experience has started, and you have been living in your new student apartment for a few days. Finally, you are the one in charge!... But now what? Wondering if it is necessary to put a washing machine, prepare more than a frozen pizza or if not falling asleep to go to class really matters is a step into your adult life. The first days can be overwhelming, but they are decisive for creating habits. Read a few simple tips that will save you stumbling blocks at this stage of discovery.

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