Chronicles of quarantined hostudents: Martina takes her final exams online

Chronicles of quarantined hostudents: Martina takes her final exams online
How has studying online been a challenge for you and your classmates?
It has been a challenge to study online, first, because of concentration. It is not the same to be in a class with your classmates, listening and asking questions for two or three hours than to be looking at a screen for an entire afternoon, asking questions through a chat or listening to what a teacher says through a camera. Attention is much more difficult to maintain and is more easily dispersed. Also, while you are in class, things in your house keep moving, conversations, activities, and that also makes it difficult.
At the time of studying, I am a very visual person, I remember a lot of things left by seing gestures and listening to comments of the teacher in class, and not having that, it has cost me a little more to prepare for the exams.

When did you start the exams and how did it go?
I started on April 28, I still have one. I don´t have the grades yet, but I think it has gone quite well considering the unusual circumstances.

What positive points do you see in the measures that the universities have taken for the exams?
I believe that the university and the professors have done everything possible to guarantee the greatest of security and continuity in a situation that is complicated and new for everyone. Obviously, mistakes are going to be made, because nobody is born knowing, but I think that a lot of work has been done at the university to maintain academic standards and security in exams and classes. They have been quite understanding with the students and have made the process as easy as possible for us.

Anything you would improve on the measures?
I think there is always room for improvement, and every teacher will know about their exam and subject. We are all learning! It is very different to start a course designed to be online than to start one in person and finish it online. The contents had to be modified in a fleeting time so that the classes could continue regularly, and I myself had to change the chip. I think we were the guinea pigs of the experiment, we had no choice. The positive of this is that now we already know what are the aspects to improve.

As a senior, how do you experience this situation?
I am particularly sorry to end up in these conditions. I never thought that the last day that I physically attended class, and that I stepped into college, would be the last. I thought that it would be temporary and that it could end normally, but seeing that it is not, it makes me rather sad.

Despite the fact that Martina and all the students graduating this year will not be able to live their last days of university on campus, the feeling of pride for all the work and effort during the career is something that they won´t lack. Congratulations to all the students, universities and professors! They diserve a big applause!

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