Student Visa

What is it?

This is the legal document necessary to enable you to enter and stay in Spain during your period of studies.

Anyone wishing to undertake training studies, research or volunteering in Spain for a period in excess of 90 days must apply for a student visa, except for citizens and residents of European Union member countries.

If the duration of the studies is less than 3 months, a short-stay Tourist Visa will be issued, also known as the Schengen Visa, whenever the visitor’s nationality requires a visa for entry into Spain.

To be able to apply for and obtain a Student Visa, a number of specific requirements need to be met and these will depend on the student’s nationality.

We will help you with all of the steps

We will give you advice throughout the process for obtaining your Visa, to make it simple, to ensure that you will not get mixed up with the documents required and so that they will not reject your Visa.

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María Michelle Muñoz (México)

Homologation Student Services has been extremely helpful in my process of moving to Spain to study. The staff is really kind, efficient and always there when you need them.

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