Treat yourself to improve your performance during exams!

Treat yourself to improve your performance during exams!
Here is an expression for you: Treat yourself! ... Do you know what it means? Well, treat yourself! Officially the exam season has arrived and what we want is to avoid suffering the well-known "state of stress". We have investigated, and then checked, about the advice that we will give you later. We can assure you that the results are positive.

Stress, a game that we must master

Several studies indicate that high levels of stress at the time of exercising cognitively demanding tasks lead us to make more mistakes even though we have prepared well and have studied enough. That means that the appearance of "peaks" of stress in the decisive moments affect us, something to be concerned about if we take into account that it is very common to suffer nerves and anxiety when facing moments of tests such as we are doing now.

In a Netflix documentary called "The Mind Explained", we discover that stress in itself is not all bad, because this factor exists as a survival strategy. It is a cascade reaction of our hormones and our nervous system that can be useful in some contexts. Its appearance puts us in a state of alert and enhances muscle tension, accelerates the pulse and causes a hormonal chain reaction from the release of cortisol and adrenaline.

All of this is very useful in times when we need to give a quick physical response, such as running away from danger or fighting, capabilities that have probably been very important to our ancestors for hundreds of thousands of years. However, stress is not so useful when the problems to be solved are more related to intelligence, intellectual performance. In fact, it can be counterproductive if it occurs at too high levels.

Failure to take an exam is something that scares us and our brain interprets this as a threat, so the result that we get is stress. For this reason we want to put a stop to this natural response of the Human Being with a technique that relaxes us and gives us security.

Mantra anti stress

Before the advice we will give you, it is important to remember that we fear what we do not know, and what we cannot see. That is why you have to put clarity to see things as they are. There are a number of facts that you have to take into account and they are the following:

  1. The exams do not reflect what we really know
  2. The one who gets better grades is not the one who will do better in life
  3. It is a period that will last a couple of weeks and then you will resume your normal life

Your treat

The University of Sydney, in Australia, has done a research in which it mentions that pleasing yourself when studying improves your performance. With that said, you can go get the ice cream out of the fridge and put on the warmest pajamas you have to start studying. What we want to fight stress with relaxation and to put you in an area where you feel comfortable and confident. To create this atmosphere it is good that you respond to that desire you have for ordering a Big Mc. with French fries.

Think about what makes you happy and treat yourself. The state of happiness generates endorphins. Endorphins are released through the spinal cord and not only manage to produce a sense of well-being, they are also able to reduce pain and stress. But beware! This same study from the University of Sydney reminds us that we should not abuse. Swallowing three bags of chips doesn't do you any good either. All in moderation.

It is better to have healthy whims, because a healthy body helps to have a healthy mind. If you can respond to the whims that give you something else, it is better for you. For example, exercising helps you release all the concentrated energy that generates stress, helps release endorphins and makes you disconnect a little after several hours of study. Wouldn't you like a bowl of frozen yogurt with fruits and pieces of dark chocolate? This type of snack surely will make your mouth water and at the same time is very healthy.

For all facets your life in general and to prepare exams in particular, it is essential that you think positive. If you focus on achievement and work as necessary to pass that exam you fear so much, you will be cementing your chances of success. The mind has great power in achieving our goals. Trust your options, study what is necessary and RELAX so you will arrive at the exam focused on success.

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