Your list of Spanish museums

Your list of Spanish museums

During your stay in Spain we recommend you to visit different cities and do activities to make the most out of your experience. When you finally go and visit these wonderful places you will surely have an agenda of activities prepared, don´t discard the cultural options, these could surprise you. Besides the famous Museo del Prado, which we also recommend you visit, we recommend some others around Spain.

Barcelona: CaixaForum. In addition to the art exhibitions found in the museum you can participate in the many activities offered by this cultural space. The exhibition hall is managed by La Caixa through the Obra Social of the entity. Its appeal lies not only in its programming but also in that its location: a building of great singularity, the old Casaramona factory, modernist style and designed by the famous Catalan architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch.

Madrid: Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. As you walk through the galleries, dedicated exclusively to modern and contemporary artwork, you can see one of the key pieces of Spanish art: The Guernica, by Pablo Picasso. The museum consists of two buildings: the first one dates from the 16th century and was the old San Carlos hospital; the second one was built in 2001 and is the work of the prestigious architect Jean Nouvel.

Bilbao: Guggenheim. Its avant-garde architecture, the work of Frank O. Gehry, impresses due to its curvilinear shapes and an extraordinary play of titanium volumes that are already a symbol of Bilbao. You can´t miss his permanent exhibition 'La Materia del Tiempo' composed of seven impressive sculptures by Richard Serra.

Valencia: Institut Valencià d'Art Modern - IVAM. In the City of Science and Arts, you have a must visit to IVAM. The gallery is dedicated to modern and contemporary art. It has two different spaces: the Julio González Center, dedicated to museum funds and temporary exhibitions; and the Sala de la Muralla, located in the basement of the building, where the remains of the old medieval fortification of the city are preserved.

Girona: Teatro-Museo Dalí, Figueres. The museum is built on the old municipal theater of Figueres (19th century) and is a clear reflection of the artist's personality and his work. Dalí himself supervised the works of the building characterized by being painted in red and gold and being crowned by large white eggs.

Madrid: La Casa Encendida. It is a social and cultural center where some of the most avant-garde artistic expressions of Madrid coexist and especially stands out for its programming of educational activities, reflection and debate. The gallery is managed by the Obra Social and Monte de Piedad Foundation in Madrid and is composed of four lines of action: Solidarity, Environment, Culture and Education.

Barcelona: Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona - MACBA. The building, by Richar Meier, stands out for its combination of straight and curved lines, large interior spaces and maximum use of natural light. Its facilities are completed with the Capella MACBA, former convent church of Los Angeles. In all its galleries you can see works from the second half of the 20th century.

Málaga: Museo Picasso. The fascinating work of the artist from Malaga and the beauty of the Buenavista Palace make this museum a unique space to enjoy art and culture. The 155 pieces of artwork in this gallery range from the first academic studies to his personal vision of classicism; from the superimposed planes of cubism to his research with ceramics; from his interpretation of the great masters to the last paintings of the seventies.

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