Bachelor in Dentistry

Bachelor in Dentistry

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Universidad Cardenal Herrera
Universidad Cardenal Herrera
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Dental Clinic is equipped with the modern technology that proper dental treatment


The Faculty of Dentistry has launched the bachelor's degree in Dentistry English programme. The first two years will be taught exclusively in English, and from the third year onwards, students will join the overall programme. In their third year students will begin to do work experience in the University Dental Clinic, therefore they will need to have learned Spanish during their first two years. UIC Barcelona Language Service will offer them the appropriate courses to achieve this.

The Degree in Dentistry at UIC Barcelona equips students with thorough scientific knowledge, technical skills and the ability to effectively apply them to the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of a wide range of dental diseases and ailments.

The programme addresses topics in dental structure and function, biomechanics of the normal and affected dental apparatus, as well as the most innovative techniques and procedures used in the treatment of abnormalities.

The curriculum emphasises skills in the basic sciences, so that students graduate with a solid scientific background and extensive experience confronting practical challenges before receiving their degree. UIC Barcelona's University Dental Clinic is equipped with the modern technology that proper dental treatment now calls fo

Reasons to study at UIC Barcelona

  • Practical training. You will be able to put into practice all the knowledge learnt at class and you will count with professional dentists mentors.
  • Cutting-edge technology. You will enjoy our facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology so that you can take full advantage of your practical training.
  • We offer 3 university master's degrees, 9 UIC-specific master's degrees, 8 clinical residencies and more than 20 continuing education programmes.
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